Donsen has a long history and is a professional manufacturer of pipes, fittings and valves. Donsen was established in 1996, located in Ningbo, China, which is a developed economy and convenient transportation city . Donsen is one of the manufacturers with the most complete product system in the field of plastic pipes in China.

At present, Donsen group mainly produces valve series: PPR valve, PVC valve, CPVC valve, PE valve and other kinds of copper plastic valve;Building water supply series: PPR pipe fittings, PPR quick pushing fittings, PPR copper plastic pipe fittings, etc. Building drainage series: PVC pipe fittings, HDPE pipe fittings and so on; Industrial water supply series: PE pipe fittings, etc.Civil fire protection series: CPVC pipe fittings, etc.Agricultural water-saving irrigation: PP compression pipe fittings, PE pipe fittings, etc.Floor heating series: PERT floor heating pipe, water distributor, etc.Our company also has plastic mold manufacturing: PPR pipe mold, PP pipe mold, PVC mold, ABS plastic mold and so on; At the same time, we still have some fittings valve series to be developed: American standard pipe fittings series, Japanese standard PVC pipe fittings series, DIN standard PVC pipe fittings series and so on. Our products are widely used in civil water supply, building drainage, water supply and heating, home decoration and garden irrigation, agricultural irrigation and other fields.

In order to make the family to use on the environmental quality of pipe products, Donsen adopt imported high quality raw material to produce products, in order to ensure product quality, Donsen introduces international advanced wall aluminum composite pipe production line, such as fiberglass production line, PPR brass and plastic production line, double the efficient production line etc. Totally 9 advanced pipe line and more than 70 full computer controlled  injection machines and full set of sophisticated detection equipment, And integrated feeding system & mechanical operation instead of manual to make Donsen production more safe, more precise and more professional. In order to achieve 100% high quality, Donsen has strict control & inspection for material incoming inspection, process inspection, shipment inspection, to ensure product excellence.

So far, Donsen has three big pipe&fittings production factories, one mold factory, and another one new type of automated production base, Donsen factory has more than 70000 square workshop, more than 700 employees and one outstanding technical & management group , this group’s average age below 35 years old, have vitality, innovation and the potential, they can provide customers with quality, efficient service. Donsen headquarters (A factory) mainly produces PPR pipe fittings, PE pipe fittings and other water supply products and all kinds of valves. B factory mainly produces PVC pipe fittings, HDPE pipe fittings and other drainage products; C factory mainly produces PP compression pipe fittings and other agricultural water-saving irrigation products. The mold factory is mainly responsible for the production of all kinds of pipe molds and the new factory will greatly expand the output of our pipe fittings, valves, pipes.

At present, the company has passed the CE certification of the European Union. NSF certification in USA; SABS certification in South Africa; GOST certification in Russia; WRAS certification in England, SIAA certification in Japan; Germany's SKZ certification and other certification.

Our products are exported to more than 100 countries in the world, such as Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Mexico, Middle East, Europe, South American, Asia, etc. Our customers include overseas trade factories, as well as overseas importers and traders, who are our main customers. At present, there are agents of Donsen brand series products in all countries in the world. DONSEN will serve you wholeheartedly , and looking for agents .