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Organize fire control knowledge training and fire drill activities

-----Fire control knowledge constantly learning, safety drills constantly making

In order to further strengthen the awareness of staff on fire control safety, and master the use of fire extinguishers, and correct way to escape to improve fire emergency response capacity, safe evacuation , quickly organized ,on September30, 202021, company organization carried out by "fire evacuation and simulated fire" as the theme of the fire control knowledge training and practice activities. Donsen company in all staff and security staff attended the training and drills.

This activity, the company invited the yuyao jiangnan area fire detachment instructor Mr Zhu Hongjun for everyone on fire control safety knowledge, and watch the fire safety "four abilities" and fire accident reason, on the basis of the theory knowledge to practice, to ensure the effect of fire drill. On 9:30 when the fire alarm sounded, and the regional security director immediately organize this area personnel evacuation route in accordance with the relevant provisions in good order, to evacuate the scene quickly, reach the specified location, excellent completed escape evacuation drill. Then, the fire fighting practice, everybody with dry powder fire extinguishers on fire near the roots of shooting, soon put out the fire, improve the ability of early fire employees fighting.

Through this fire fighting training and drills, enhance the fire safety consciousness of all staff, to strengthen the self care ability and emergency ability, is in distress of solidarity and mutual assistance can make everybody did really, really, really understand, true use, learn new knowledge and mastery of the new method, ensure the company fire control work routine and institutionalized.


Post time: Nov-23-2021