Tenth anniversary celebration

Zhejiang Donsen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.Tenth anniversary celebration

             ——Thanksgiving decade, More brilliant!

Zhejiang Donsen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd since its inception in 2005, has always been adhering to a positive innovation and excellence up pragmatic and efficient cooperation and win-win “spirit of enterprise, the front walk in the pipeline industry. Tenth anniversary by dawn, Zhejiang Donsen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd  in April 25, 2015, in Yuyao Grand Pacific Hotel, the grand opening of the tenth anniversary celebration. dealers and friends from across the country to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the establishment Donsen witness. D

celebration 1

 Dealer Congratulations on Mr Yang

celebration 2

The chairman of Zhejiang Donsen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd  Mr Yang Xiaoyun Opening remarks

The Chairman of Zhejiang Donsen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd Mr Yang Xiaoyun for ten anniversary celebration opening remarks, ladies and gentlemen, to complaints about a decade after a decade of development and Donsen development plan, and thanks to the new and old customers and partners in the decade of Donsen support and concern.

celebration 3


Dealer friends in Zhejiang Donsen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd Visit the pose

In addition, dealers and friends from around the country to visit the DONSEN company, and expressed best wishes for DOSNEN company and continue to hope that cooperation with DONSEN.

celebration 4

DONSEN team morale show

In the General Assembly, DONSEN company’s employees demonstrated DONSEN spirit, herald DONSEN is a cohesive team morale. 

celebration 5

 Issued a “2014 Year Award distributors” 

celebration 6

After the meeting,Zhejiang Donsen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd hospitality all dealer friend and family members from across the country, A toast to celebrate!

celebration 7

The three-day celebration of the tenth anniversary of new conference in auto tour ended perfectly, who in turn is turned DONSEN trials and hardships, DONSEN family will continue to uphold the leadership as the chairman Mr Yang Xiaoyun at is committed to the emerging industrial space, improve people quality of life, “the core mission, the implementation of” a world famous company, sustainable development, change the image of Chinese products in the world poor, “the business objectives, and strive to build the company into DONSEN pipeline industry and water industry well-known brands of modernization multinational corporations.

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